07 December, 2010

The First Key

One of the first keys to being able to understand the best way to train for your body,your goals, and your fitness level is to consider the F.I.T.T. principle. This stands for Frequency, Intensity,Type, and tempo or time. Today we are just going to touch on Frequency. The frequency of a workout depends on a few different components. The general rules are as follows: Cardio can be done as often as possible, Resistance training should not train the exact same muscles the exact same way two days in a row(there are some exceptions, i.e. abs). Generally speaking the more often you train a muscle the better the results both in tone and strength. Big muscles burn more calories and heal quicker due to more blood flow, meaning that they can be trained more often. These are just a few basic guidelines for frequency. Tomorrow we'll get into intensity!

5 min warm up
20 min interval training(2 min. light, 2 min moderate to heavy)
4x 50 meter sprints
4x 25 crunches of your choosing
5 min. cool down



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