18 January, 2011

And The Beat Goes On

It's Tuesday and we are back to work again. Here is your workout followed by my playlist from my workout today. Take it or leave it, I'm just saying!

5 min warm up
2x 15 straight arm twists
2x 15 lateral raises
2x 15 chest press
2x 15 inverted rows
2x 25 meters of lunges
2x 15 squat jumps
2x 15 45 degree angle squat thrusts (burpees)
2x 25 oblique crunches (each side)
2x 25 bicycle cruches
5 min cool down

Tempo is 4-2-1 with 30 sec between sets

Heartbreak Beat- Psychedelic Furs
Noose- A Perfect Circle
Sail- Awolnation
Modern Love- David Bowie
Chloe Dancer- Mother Love Bone
Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't- Brand New
Take A Walk On The Wild Side- Lou Reed
Ditty- Paperboy
All I Want- A Day To Remember
Tennessee- Arrested Development
Late- Ben Folds
The Cave- Mumford & Sons



1 comment:

  1. YES!!! Psychedelic Furs! I love that Awolnation song as well. Lou Reed is always classic. They're actually going to be in KC in February!