15 January, 2011

Brutally Honest

In this months issue of Outside Magazine there was an article on 50 ways to improve your health. While I don't often take seriously news stand health tips, this article had some interesting expose's on several books with quite in depth information. The one that caught my eye the most and has left me reeling a little was a highlight on the book "Radical Honesty" by Dr. Brad Blanton. In his book he brings to light his belief that we would all be happier as people if we simply told the truth more often. One of his statistics states that in a study, 60% of the participants lied 2 to 3 times in a ten minute conversation. This struck me for a second, forcing me to examine my own forthrightness and left me forced to agree. Let me state at this point that I can tend to be honest to the point of brash and typically leave no doubt what I really mean. That said, I then skipped to the amount of conversation that turns into superficial bullshit. Things like asking people how they are doing when I know that I truly don't give a damn or the age old dilemma of answering the question "Do I look fat in this outfit". If you have to ask, you probably already have your mind made up. You don't want my honest opinion and I don't want to give it for fear of my life. I'm just saying. All that aside, the more troubling thought for me was how often am I lying to myself? Not an easy one to wrestle with when it truly comes down to things like work ethic, applied effort, and reaching the fullest of ones potential. I deal with this on a daily basis both personally and with others professionally. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked to help someone lose 25-30 lbs in a mater of 2 weeks. So what is the point of this much rambling? This is the beginning of a new year as well as a new season. There will no doubt be trials and drama that will ensue over the course of the year and we will have to deal with them. I propose an honest, proactive approach and let's just see where things fall. Here is today's workout!

5 min warm up
45 min constant speed cardio
4x 25 V sit twists(keeping your back straight)
2x 25 neg crunches
1x plank to failure
5 min cool down



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