16 January, 2011


One of the hardest things about working out is the belief that it has to be complicated. For the most part, this is completely false. This is where roller derby mentality comes into your favor. At it's very purest the game of roller derby is about skating in circles and passing each other. It is us as people who complicate it by trying to be as efficient as possible. Exercise is very similar in this way. It is not a new concept; the Greeks and Romans were most certainly into fitness thousands of years ago, ironically enough to go out and often attempt to kill each other. Looking at the flat track, not a whole lot has changed. The point of all of this rambling is that there is always going to be some brand new thing, often just another version of the same old thing, that attempts to revolutionize fitness in general. 99% of the time it will not be a complete answer and you will be better off sticking to the timeless principles. The Greeks and Romans both spent a good deal of their time moving large, heavy objects about and doing push ups(that is when they were not thinking or attempting to conquer the world). Roller derby and the fitness involved to play well is very much the same. No need for a gym most of the time, just the desire to improve and the will to win. Here is another nice simple workout to demonstrate the point!

5 min warm up
2x 25 meters lunges
2x 12 wide grip push ups
2x 12 over head press
2x 12 bent flys
2x 25 floor bridges
2x 25 reg crunches
2x 25 palm to knee crunches
5 min. cool down

The tempo is 4-2-1 with 45 sec of rest between sets (See Tempo post for more info as this is the largest key to this workout)



P.S. Simple and easy are not the same

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