25 January, 2011

Out of the Box

One of the difficulties we run into is getting into ruts that are not much fun and allowing our boredom to get the best of us. Today I am encouraging you to break it up a little so that you can keep yourselves out of the proverbial box as well as the one used for penalties. This workout is all about creativity and implementation as well as a fearless attitude and some street smarts.Affectionately I will call it the Urban Challenge 1. Here we go!

5 min warm up
Jog 7 blocks
Up and down five flights of stairs
Jog 10 blocks
Up and down a four story Parking ramp
Ride an escalator or moving sidewalk
3 blocks of public transportation(make a friend or at least smile)
20 soccer throws with any ball at all(including snowballs)
5 min cool down

This may seem strange and obviously be smart about it but the idea is to break up the routine as well as get you out of your shell! Let me know how it goes.


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