09 January, 2011

Snow Day

In Kansas City it has snowed. Over the next few days much of the rest of the country will be covered as well and why not? It is winter after all. As much as I despise cold and the hassle created by this kind of weather it does pose an opportunity to mix things up a bit further. Todays workout will be centered around being outside. Sound a little crazy? That would be because it is! If you are like me try to keep in mind that spring is coming and we only have to deal with this hell a little longer. If you are one of the sick individuals that prefer cold precipitation, then enjoy this to its fullest!!!!

5 min of warming up(literally)
Stretch(standing up if possible)
Roll the largest ball of snow you can still pick up
Pick up said ball of snow 2x 20 in a squatting motion
Throw said ball of snow into the air as high as you can and catch it 2x 20 (if it breaks apart, make a new one)
Throw 20 snowballs (small ones) with each hand *
Bunny hop 25 meters as continuously as possible
10 snow angels
5 min cool down

*if you are not ambidextrous, do it anyway and laugh at how poorly you throw snow

This is not actually as ridiculous as it may seem. Snow has quite a bit of weight to it and provides more than enough resistance. You may also want to shovel off your driveway,sidewalk, or any other area that has collected this wretched cold crap.

Have Fun and Stay Warm!