31 January, 2011

Trash Talk

It's all over the place, especially this week. The Super Bowl is coming up as well as our first home game. I guess you can decide which one is more important to you. The point is that athletes have a tendency to have very large personalities, whether ego driven or not. I recently read a statement by former Celtics player Bill Russell where he was quoted as saying "Despite that so much had been written about me being the most unselfish player, I was the most egotistical player they will ever meet."He went on to qualify that his ego was a team ego rather than an individual ego. This is roller derby though. It is a game that draws to it some of the biggest personalities in the realm of sports. Whether it is the taunting the other team, blowing kisses, or just talking shit it is a part of athletic competition. For some, it pushes them past the status quo and into the"I'm going to show you mentality" or at least to the level of "Go Fuck Yourself". I'm just saying. My only recommendations in this arena are 1. Be original, 2. Back it up or don't say it, and 3. Remember that even if you stoke some rivalries you are all Roller Girls and with that comes a little respect. Have fun and get to work!

5 min warm up
3x 15 sumo squats
3x 25 meters lunges
3x 15 chest presses on stab ball
3x 15 single leg squats
3x 15 back flys
3x 15 overhead presses
4x 30 sec. planks
5 min cool down



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