28 January, 2011

No Apologies

One of my favorite things about the sport of rollerderby is the people it seems to attract to it. Next weekend in Kansas City we begin our regular season of home games. The place will no doubt be packed as I have already been asked by a few hundred people when we are beginning and how to get tickets. This is the moment that some of us live for. Across the country, and now the world, women are getting ready to lace up their skates. It is the moment when we leave our day to day lives and step into our alternate persona as goddesses of the track. Certainly there will be a little tension in the air with the athletes as they anticipate the first whistle, knowing full well that they are out for blood as well as respect. As they take the line and jockey for position the crowd will roar but for those about to play it will seem to fade into the background. This is the moment when all of the practice, all of the hard work, and all of the drama that goes on behind the scenes will have evidently prepared you to begin. The next hour is all yours, the proverbial canvas to paint with skate tracks and carnage, sweat spatter from some of the hardest hits you can deliver. This is your element. You love this sport in it's depths and we love you for it. The freedom you will feel on skates will give each of us watching a new respect for what powerful, independent, competitive, and playful women you are. When it is all said and done, make no apologies for who you are or the sport through which you express yourself! now let's get to work.

5 min. warm up
3x 15 wide push ups
3x 15 inverted rows(new video on the facebook page to clear this up)
3x 15 sumo squats
3x 15 overhead presses
2x 25 jackknifes
2x 25 negative crunches
1x 25 oblique crunches(each side)
5 min cool down



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