10 February, 2011

Cold As Ice

Today I am not just bitching about the weather(though I am still not excited about it). What is it about some players that allows them to rise to any challenge at any time? Competition typically brings out the best in all of us but some seem to rise to a challenge even more, changing the climate of a game when it is needed more. I don't typically call out names but in this case I have to highlight Bruz-her as being one of the strongest competitors I have ever seen. In a game last summer I watched as she took the floor late in the second half and, with the help of a strong team, turned the tide for a come from behind victory in the closing seconds of the game. I mention this because so much of any athleticism comes down to a clutch mentality when it counts. Bruz is just one example of many women in the sport that are absolute game changers, and from a fans perspective, a pleasure to watch. While I can't boil down the intangible qualities that help some people rise to this kind of ice in their veins when the heat is on, I can say that most of these people are the best prepared. Whether it is giving their best in practice, learning how their team works and complimenting them, conditioning themselves off skates, or watching game film, clutch players are almost always the hardest working before and after the game so they can rise above any situation in a game. Here is a workout that will help you prepare!

5 min warm up
3x 15 single arm chest press
3x 15 inverted rows
3x 15 front raises
3x 15 lateral raises
3x 15 single leg squat
2x 25 meters lateral lunges(don't cross your legs)
2x 10 jackknifes
2x 25 negative crunches
5 min cool down

Notes:n 2-0-2 tempo, no more than 30 sec. rest between sets.



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  1. I like this line "this kind of ice in their veins when the heat is on." Yes! Bruz is one of the best derby players out there fo sho.