14 February, 2011

Laugh It Off

I missed yesterday completely, mostly due to a sleep deprived fog, and I have to say I don't give a damn. Saturday morning I had a chance to work out with some roller girls; cross training them with some boxing. You would be amazed what you can learn about someone as they are throwing punches at you. All in all it was a great time for me and a good workout for them. Over the next few days I will be changing the format up a little bit, posting the workouts first and ranting afterword. God only knows what will come out of my head so I figure I will give you the things that I can guarantee will help you first. I understand that this is all disjointed rambling right now but in the end it may mean something. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from KCRW's Annie Maul who stated she was "Dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life and enjoying it!"(this may not be an exact quote but I have heard her say it multiple times). Get to work!

5 min warm up
3x 12 alternating overhead presses
3x 12 single arm chest presses
3x 12 inverted rows
3x 12 single leg squats
4x 10 floor bridges
2x 25 bicycle crunches
5 min cool down

2-0-2 is the tempo, 30 sec rest between sets, this is a nasty workout if you do it properly. more variety to come!



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