15 February, 2011


5 min warm up
20 min interval training( 3 min light jog, 2 min moderate run)
4x 30 sec. planks
2x 25 V-sit twists
2x 25 jackknifes
5 min cool down


The new format is a little different but probably going to benefit more people with their workouts. As for the blog itself, I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind and would prefer not to hold you hostage with them. One thought is that maybe we don't trust our gut enough as human beings. We see it in derby all of the time. The best blockers are the ones who know where everyone is on the track before they get there. The best jammers are the ones who never break their stride because they are able to instinctively see the pack develop gaps before they take place and skate through them. When asked what made him the great one,Wayne Gretzky said “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Personally I believe that this is a case of what creates success on the track applying to the rest of life as well. Most of our days are similar to a chaotic pack. Traffic might try to knock us to the stands, bosses may blindside you hard enough to drop a filling, and occasionally we all may receive (or deliver) a low blow or an unclean hit when it comes to the other relationships in our life. I am proposing that if we trust our instincts, and those on our side, that we will be better on and off the track. I'm just saying!


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