24 February, 2011

More Than A Feeling

5 min warm up
45 min consistent paced cardio
3x 10 straight arm twists
2x 25 straight leg crunches
2x 25 ball crunches
4x 15 sec. single leg plank
5 min cool down

Cardio days may not be the most fun workouts but they are absolutely necessary. This is where we are building the muscles that are key in both roller derby and life, specifically the heart and diaphragm. In case you didn't know, these are important. I just saying. By placing your body under an elevated physical stress level, your heart is forced to maintain it's strength and actually get stronger. This is a good thing for sure. It means that you will perform better in competition, manage your emotions (pre-game butterfly's) better, and thrive in the rest of your life, though I'm sure you are already awesome! Below is my playlist for today. It is absolutely ridiculous but it lets me get lost while I crank out the milage! Have a Great day!


Ghetto Symphony- Snoop Dogg and No Limit
I'm In A Hurry- Alabama
Like A Prayer- Madonna
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight- Jay-Z
The Quiet Screaming- The Legion of Doom
Stare At The Sun- Thrice
The World At Large- Modest Mouse
Hands Down Gandhi- The Legion Of Doom
Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Show
War All The Time- Thursday
Distraction #74- The Avett Brothers
Me Against The World- 2pac
No Love- Eminem feat Lil Wayne
Body Snatchers- Radiohead
Happy V-Day- Reggie and the Full Effect