07 February, 2011

Phase 2

We are going to change up the focus of the workouts just a little bit. It is time to start progressing the muscles to a little more strength and endurance while maintaining stability and balance. The biggest things that will change here besides some of the exercises is the tempo and rest between sets. The new tempo will be at 2-0-2 and the max rest between sets is 15 to thirty seconds. One of the other benefits to this is that the workouts as a whole won't take as long to complete. Without further adieu, here is the workout!

5 min. warm up
3x 10 wide grip push ups
3x 10 alternating over head presses
3x 10 back flys
3x 10 jump squats
2x 25 meters lateral lunges (each leg)
4x 45 sec. planks
2x 25 oblique crunches(each side)
5 min cool down



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