06 February, 2011

The Day After

Last night was another war on the track and an absolute joy to watch. all teams came out to play and play hard so I would consider it a success no matter the score. This morning many of you have awoken to find yourselves in a lot of pain. Whether from the hard hits that have left you battered or the after party that has left you hungover, today may suck a little bit in the discomfort department. A few tips to help you through the pain: 1. Rehydrate-gatorade or pedialyte will add some electrolytes and plenty of water will help your body process the abuse, 2. Recuperate- stretching, massage, epsom salt baths, ice for bruises and inflammation, heat for sore and tired muscles, and rest will help you go the distance toward getting back to 100%, 3. Reactivate- sitting around and doing nothing may be what you want to do but it is not what is best. Move around and get your heart rate up a little. This will elevate blood flow through the muscles and help them heal at a much quicker rate. 15-20 min of constant movement will help you recover. Trust me on this one and get a good stretch and some cardio. Your body will thank you. Other than that, have a great day and we will be back to work tomorrow!

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