05 February, 2011

So Your About To Play A Game

All of the practice is about to come in real handy because today is game day. Here are a few tips to be at your peak when the first whistle blows.These are just going to flow as they come into my head so sorry for any confusion in advance. Start the day with breakfast. This is not a cliche about it being good brain food (though it may be) but rather a good way to get your metabolism going early. My personal favorite for game days was blueberry pancakes. Secondly, get to the venue early enough to get used to what it is like. The more familiar you can be with your environment the better you will handle all of the stresses of competition. You will want to get a good warm up and stretching session in before the game starts, but I will warn you that warming up too early or too intensely is not ideal either. Warm up should be about 30 min. or less from the first whistle. Hydrate early in the day. By the time you get thirsty in a game, you are way too late. Remember that you are amazing at this and probably in general. Everyone is a little nervous at game time, it's what you do with the nerves that matters. Now go out and Have fun!!!

Best of luck to all,


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