28 February, 2011

Phase 3

We are beginning the next phase of training. Before I go any further, this is a phase of training that is both highly effective and must be done properly. If you have been following along with the workouts since the beginning of the year, you will be at a much greater risk of injury and your results may not be at the maximum level possible. This sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. First off, in this phase your warm up is absolutely key and will be longer than any of the other phases.Stretching is not optional here or you will hurt yourself. Secondly, there will generally be less exercises and less repetitions to complete so your time in the gym (or wherever you work out) will be cut down. Thirdly, your rest between sets will be a little bit longer because your heart rate will be much higher than it has been up to this point. The tempo for this phase will be a 1-1-1 with core activation and proper form being necessary for every rep of every set. This phase is all about training movements rather than isolating individual muscles, and getting the maximum performance out of each of these movements. Without further adieu!

10 min warm up
4x 8 squat jumps with tuck
4x 8 burpee push ups
4x 8 box jumps
2 x25 reg crunches
10 jackknifes
10 min cool down



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