03 February, 2011

The Unsung Hero?

Hero may be a bit of an overstatement, however, the roll of the referee often goes unnoticed. I was recently having a conversation with a former player who, like any player worth their weight, had spent more than her share of time in the penalty box. She mentioned that she had helped out a few times as an official and found it a little more difficult than expected. She wasn't ready to sing a refs praises or agree that each of her penalties were legit, but she certainly had a bit of a new found respect for the craft. I have to admit that it is my opinion that the staff of officials in Kansas City is one of the best in the nation. That said 2/3 of the time I still disagree. I'm just saying! Today I offer my salute to those who dedicate themselves to order and rule as officials in the sport we have all come to love. Thanks alot for taking more hate than any one human should have to deal with.

5 min warm up
45min cardio @ 65-70% of max heart rate
4x 60 sec plank
5 min cooldown

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