26 March, 2011

Base Miles

We are fast approaching the point in the season where it is crucial for you to have your physical fitness locked down. In the world of cycling, the build up to the first few races of a season involves logging a lot of hours in the saddle or building what many call "base miles". This is where you make your bones, by forcing your body to endure as much if not more punishment than you will need to endure in competition. Not everyone loves this mentality but I do. Coaches that I have had and proved most effective always approached things from this angle. Game day, from a physical standpoint was like welcome break from our typically rigorous training schedule. The thinking is that if your body is already used to dealing with levels of intensity and pain that is beyond that of a game, you should be able to have more mental focus on the tasks at hand. Today we are going to pursue that with 90 minutes of moderate to intense cardio, of which mode I will leave entirely to your discretion.



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