28 March, 2011

Up In The Mix

It's a new week and the beginning of a different phase of work outs. The new format will be some what of a combination of all prior phases mixed together including some other new thoughts. Pay attention to the number of sets. reps. tempo and rest to maximize efficacy and if there are any questions feel free to ask!

5 min warm up
2-0-2 tempo
4x 6 squat thrust
4x 6 squat to overhead press

4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 push ups
2x 20 inverted rows

1-1-1 tempo
6x 30 sec. mountain climbers
6x 30 sec ab press
25 crunches
5 min cool down

Notes: Max rest between sets should be 60 sec. Form is still paramount. If you can't do what is recommended rep wise with good form on every one, complete what you can and work your way toward more. Results should be fast coming and i am sure you will appreciate them as we all like to look better naked! I am just saying




  1. How do the tempos work? I'm not familiar with that terminology in this context. Thanks!

  2. Tempo is a way to measure the time your muscles are under stress during their contraction, stabilization, and relaxing or lengthening. All of the details are in a post from 12/13/10 called Tempo and if you have any further questions let me know!

  3. Found it. Thanks!!