17 March, 2011

Saint Paddy's

10 min. warm up
4x 10 45 degree burpee push ups(sleight variation by combining the two exercises)
4x 6 tuck jumps for speed
4x 6 single arm row(each side)
4x 6 squat to overhead press
4x 100 jump ropes
2x 60 sec planks
2x 25 neg. crunches
5 min cool down

Today the green beer will begin flowing early for many and why not? I myself will be in pursuit of the elusive shamrock shake, the one day a year that I swing through McDonalds. I also am encouraging good Irish folk music , or punk for that matter, such as Flogging Molly or The Dropkick Murphy's. I would strongly recommend working out before going out!

Have fun!


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