02 March, 2011


10 min warm up
4x 6 tuck jumps
4x 6 push up to single arm row( do a push up and from the same position row each arm, typically done on dumbbells)
4x 6 45 degree burpee
4x 6 inverted rows
2x 30 sec plank
2x 25 reg. crunches
5 min cool down

1-1-1 tempo, 60-90 sec rest between sets, 85% intensity.

I have never been much of a collector of anything that one would traditionally collect. The idea of amassing tons of stuff has never been appealing to me as I prefer things very simple. One of the things that I do appreciate though and hold in high regard is a scar. Before I go any further I want to tell you that I am not a masochistic type of person. I am also not judging if you are. I remember watching Jaws as a kid, the scene where the characters are sitting around a table in their boat, swapping stories of scars in some sort of macho pissing match. This was incredible to me because at the time I always had some sort of battle wound from a bike wreck or some other adventure gone awry. I used to laugh at the part in this scene when Hooper pulls his shirt aside and points to his chest. "Mary Ellen Moffett" he says." She broke my heart". I thought this was hysterical and frankly still do. My reason behind loving scars so much, if reason has anything to do with it, is much deeper than this though. You can't earn a scar, even one on your broken heart, without going through something. I tried a glass window once. Not by best recommendation as far as things to go through. I digress. The beauty of a scar is that in order to have one, your body has to have regenerated or shown growth where there was once a wound. At some point along the way a gaping wound must close and leave you with a badge of honor in a scar, like a little souvenir from a minor tragedy. The only other option is that it doesn't heal, gets infected, festers, and you don't recover. This works in relationships too. I have friends and old teammates that I loved and hated simultaneously. Some of these people , on a personal level, I didn't care for at all. Some I cared for very deeply and still others I am not sure actually existed because they frustrated me to the point that they seemed to be defying all natural law. In the end though these people were ones that I would prefer to have fighting on my side any day of the week and most of them still would. Even the ones that I didn't like I would still stand behind. Probably good things to remember if you have to skate against five women who have a pension for destruction and have set their sights on you. If you get beaten up, at least you may get the scars to prove it!



P.S. Here was my playlist for today. If you find this random you should see the inside of my head!

Let It Happen- Jimmy Eat World
Mama Hold My Hand- Aloe Blacc
Tennessee- Arrested Development
Venus In Furs- The Velvet Underground
Sail- Awolnation
Still Not A Player- Big Punisher
All of This- Robert Smith and Blink 182
The Fourth Drink Instinct- Cute is What We Aim For
9 crimes- Damien Rice
Las Piedras Rodantes- El Tri
Film Did Not Go Round- Nada Surf
Disconnected- Face to Face
All I Want- A Day To Remember
Radiation Vibe- Fountains of Wayne
Doing Time- MxPx
If You Leave- Nada Surf (OMD cover)

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