03 March, 2011


10 min warm up
20 min interval training(3 min . moderate run, 30 sec. sprint)
25 negative crunches
25 regular crunches
10 jackknifes
2x 30 sec. side planks (each side)
10 frog kicks
10 min cooldown

I have started this post five times as something else but I ended up right back hear. It's funny, sometimes even though I am writing this shit I feel like it isn't by choice. Some of these things come out there own way, no matter what direction I had designed them to go.

When you are dealing with athletes, or for that matter non-athletes, in a fitness setting, you are bound to run into huge personalities and egos. It has been my experience that many of these egos are simply smoke screens to cover insecurity. I'm no expert in this area but it seems a perfectly natural response as a defense mechanism. Occasionally, however, you run across someone who's ego is a little different than the aforementioned type. These are the people who are not covering up insecurity by over compensating, they really are a little larger than life. This is much more of the category that I fall into, though I have no delusion about about being larger than life. I am as human as they get. Many roller girls, I feel, fall into the same category as I do. I will only speak for myself here as not to incriminate the innocent. Ego, for me, is a little funny and a lot scary. The funny part is that even when I am doing something stupid, like tripping over my own feet on flat ground, I do it with the the belief that I am fucking up in a more awesome way than anyone else could. That's where you begin to see the scary side which probably needs little explanation after the preceding sentence.

Freud talks about the ego being the more reasonable part of the mind, blaming the I.D. for being irrational and self serving. I think Freud is full of shit. My personal belief is that we as people, at the core are basically good, that we desire to care for others and relate to them openly. Trying to keep our egos or insecurities in check long enough to do that is a different matter. Here's to trying! In all seriousness, for the sake of the rest of the world, try not to be so incredible today that you blow anyone out of life! Just saying.



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