09 March, 2011

Through Hell

10 min. warm up
3x 8 squat jumps
3x 8 dive bomb push ups
2x 50 meters skipping for distance
50 meters bear crawl
2x 8 inverted rows
10 squat thrusts( burpees)
3x 8 overhead presses
25 bicycle crunches
2x 25 regular crunches
4x 15 sec. leg lifts
5 min . cool down

1-1-1 tempo, 45 -60 sec rest between sets

Stumbled upon a book recently that had been abandoned in the gym and it has turned out to be the best book I have ever found/ stolen. I am still not exactly sure what the prevailing theme is but one of the sub themes is about stories; why they are important and wha makes a good story. In the text the author talks about taking a seminar where the speaker said " if you are going to have a good story, you must put the main character through HELL !!!" I thought about this for awhile and decided I agree. The best stories, the ones where champions are made, have beyond difficult situations in them. The best teams are forged together and what better fire to do it with than hell. Every successful team I know of has a few things in common, namely work ethic and ability to overcome difficult situations, and you better believe that for a team to become great they are going to have to overcome some difficulty. Personality conflict, commitment to excellence, singleness of purpose, and other garden variety obstacles have to be overcome before success can be attained justly and enjoyed sweetly. Today's workout will help specifically with self-discipline and perseverance so you can individually add more to your team. By the way doing things as a group will help forge a team that is a force to be reckoned with, specifically physically challenging endeavors. It exposes weaknesses and creates security within a group, allowing them to develop trust and the ability to compensate for each others weaknesses, making them the best as a whole they can be. Same thing works for relationships too if you were wondering. Last thought, high five each other or smack each others asses like football players to reaffirm positive emotion. Physical connection is soooo important!

Have a great day!


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