04 April, 2011

Another Brick In The Wall

I almost feel bad even writing this workout. Almost.

5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 wide grip push-ups
2x 20 inverted rows
2x 20 lateral raises
2x 20 skier squats

2-0-2 tempo
3x 12 straight arm twists
3x 12 single leg floor bridge
3x 12 single leg squats
3x 12 frog kicks

1-0-1 tempo
10 burpee push ups
4x 60 sec mountain climbers
4x 30 tricep dips
4x 10 speed skaters

5 min cool down

Rest is non existent ( 15 sec. or less if possible) and a sweat towel will be necessary.

So yesterday I was with a buddy of mine who I haven't seen in awhile. This guy is obsessed with Pink Floyd and I have to say I don't get it. I appreciate that this is both well composed and influential music but it just doesn't resonate with me at all. Not the way that it does with him. I feel the same way when I am around my roller girls. I appreciate the game very much, it's athleticism, it's idiosyncrasies, and most of all the women that play it. I don't love this the way that these players do though. Frankly I don't think it's possible for someone outside of the track to love it the same way. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I don't get to hit anyone or skate really fast, and since men's derby is bull shit, I am just going to have to deal. Maybe that's why there is hockey. I digress.

My point here is that whether it is Pink Floyd or Roller Derby, I envy the passion, understanding, and connection that these people have.On the other hand, I do know and love sweat equity, optimum human performance, and the word proprioception if that counts for anything. That and after today's workout, the meaning of pain.

Have a good week!


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