03 April, 2011

The Day After

At this point, everyone should be feeling like shit after giving all you had on the track last night and being hung over from the after party. Here are some the best ways to deal with this that I have found. First off, MOVE. You are more than likely sore and have an aching head. The last thing you feel like doing is moving around at any speed above a snails pace. Do it anyway! Increased blood flow will help your body feel better as fast as possible and the best way to increase blood flow is to move. Minimum 20 min of cardio today! Secondly, if you are just dealing with sore muscles I recommend heat, preferably a hot epsom salt bath. I can't explain why epsom salts work, only that they do.If your dealing with any sort of injury, bump, or acute soreness (localized to only a small area), use ice to bring the sewlling down and liven the muscles up a bit before you apply heat. Ibuprofen is better than Tylenol as the latter is very hard on you kidneys. Re-hydrating will also help you feel a lot better. Gatorade isn't bad, but use it sparingly due to its sugar level and calorie count. Last night I was introduced to coconut water, something that in the limited research I have done seems to be a great source of potassium and relatively low in calories. Might be worth a try. other than that make sure you relax as much as you can because tomorrow comes soon and we will be back to work! congratulations to last nights winners and consolations to the losers. Some of the best games I have seen played by some of my favorite players for sure!

Happy Healing!


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