15 April, 2011

The Facts, Again!

5 min warm up
20 min. Interval training (2min. Intense cardio, 3 min. Moderate)
4x 10 floor bridges
4x 30 sec. Plank
5 min. cool down

I was grabbing some lunch yesterday, amazing fish tacos for the record, and ended up striking up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me. He was on his way back to work after just finishing his meal and couldn't help but mention how good the food had been. I agreed and smiled politely. He continued on, telling me that this was the kind of meal you needed to eat if you were looking to lose weight. I was intrigued so I asked what he meant. He informed me that He has recently lost thirty pounds and he did it by changing his diet and working out. "It sounds weird but that actually works" he told me. I choked back a smile and decided not to reveal that I was a fitness professional for the sake of hearing what he would say next unprompted. "I used to buy two bags of chips a week and drink a two liter of soda each day. Now, I have cut back to one bag of chips a month and a can of soda a week. The funny part is I enjoy them a lot more when I have them and I feel and look better the rest of the time" he told me. At this point I am trying not to laugh at the fact that this man is amazed by biology working as it is supposed to. I am more excited for his success than his lackadaisical understanding of how his body works. To put a point on it, the simple facts here are that if you use more than you take in, you lose. It really is that simple. If you feel that you are doing this and still cannot seem to manage your weight one of two things is going on. You are either lying to yourself and eating more than you realize and moving less than you realize or you need to see a doctor because your body is not functioning based on it's biology. Another thing that I hear all of the time from my girls is that they are gaining weight when they begin skating. Most of them attribute this to the building of muscle in their legs and muscle weighing more than fat. While this can be true and muscle certainly does weigh more than fat, they typically ignore that they are eating more than they were before they were active. It is easy to feel like you can eat anything you want, believing that you will skate it off later. this is only true to a point. We, especially as Americans, still tend to overeat and that is the explanation for the weight gain. Trust me, your body will work better if you eat less rather than more. It's called thermodynamics and it works!



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