14 April, 2011

Memory Lane

5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
2x 20 stab. ball single arm chest presses
2x 20 inverted rows
2x 20 overhead press
2x 20 single leg straight leg deadlift

1-0-1 tempo
3x 12 tricep push ups
3x 15 negative crunhes to hip ups

no tempo
2x 20 single leg tuck jumps
2x 25 meters lunges
2x 25 meters skipping for distance
2x 25 meters karaoke steps
5 min cool down

This work out will kick your ass for certain. Some of the exercises are a little new and there will be explanations coming shortly but, for the most part, they are just combination's of what we have been building up to this point. This week has been kind of some weird de javu in a lot of ways, kind of a way of reliving things that I have forgotten. Last night I was training a client and ended up knocking a soccer ball around with him, giving him a few pointers on form and style. Nothing is really that strange about kicking a ball I guess but fir me it was. I retired from the sport that I loved very much and owed so much to. It has been years since I just went out and had a half-way serious kick with the boys, drinking in the fresh grass, the feel of the ball as you connect solidly and drill it home, or the exhilaration of colliding your skull with that of someone else just to prove the point that you are not giving away possession without first drawing blood at the price of their pain. If I loved it so much why retire? Why hang up the cleats and move on, forgetting it for so long? The answer was simple. Honor. I could not bring myself to dishonor a sport by giving less than my best and my best has past in this area. Last night, standing with this kid who is still trying to figure out his feet, was fun because there were no rules, no scores, no expectations. if there were I would not have participated. I would imagine that this is what many of you experience with roller derby. Some of you will no doubt walk away at some point realizing that you loved a sport, a community really, and now your role has changed in that love. The only thing that I can encourage you to do is to first reach your potential, or at least do your damnedest to try, before you skate your last lap. It makes the rest a whole lot easier and makes the occasional trip down an old memories path one worth traveling.



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