21 April, 2011


5 min warm up
4x 100 meter sprints
4x 400 meters @ 120 sec. pace
30 min moderate cardio movement
2x 25 single leg bridges
2x 25 neg crunches
5 min cool down

We are fully into the down hill of the week and I for one am ready to put this one on the books. It has both flown by and dragged on simultaneously, which is one of the ironies of time I guess. As this week draws to a close, we are going to lighten up just a little and allow the body a little room to recover. Remember: Ice to reduce pain from swelling (i.e. injury type pain), heat to revive muscles and alleviate soreness. Hydrate and make sure that there are good dietary sources of potassium in your system. I say dietary because potassium as a supplement is not really something that you want to mess with. Potassium is a mineral that your body needs to keep functioning properly. A lack of this mineral may contribute to muscles cramping or being sore. Too much or too little can have much more drastic affects on the body (potassium is administered in large doses to carry out executions, not such a good thing if you intend to continue living). This is nothing to be concerned with if you are eating food that has potassium in it such as broccoli, brussell sprouts, swiss chard, kale, papaya, or of course bananas. Today, work hard, eat well, and suck the marrow out of life. Why not?



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