22 April, 2011

Active Rest

Today is a day of rest,active rest to be exact. That means that I am asking you to do something that involves moving around and being active, but not something that is specifically designed as a workout. Yesterday was the perfect active rest day here in KC. The air was thick, like a good hug that lasts almost a little too long. Rainy and overcast, it was the kind of day that can trick you into staying in bed if you let it. I say trick you because it is on days like this, where the air is so thick it can't hold the water back anymore, that things take on a little different light. I was walking through the city with a friend of mine, drinking coffee, wrapped up in a sweater. My friend said "This is Seattle weather". He's from there so I'm going to have to take his word for it as I have never been. The city here sits on top of a hill and there is hardly a flat street downtown. For a few hours we just walked, took in the day and discussed life. That is just one example of active rest. I've got to say I am also excited to be catching some derby bout's in Nashville this weekend. Good luck to all teams playing!



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