23 May, 2011

The Boulevard

5 min warm up
4-2-1 tempo
3x 15 chest press on stab ball
3x 15 squat to overhead press
3x 15 bent rows
2x 50 meter lunges

2-0-2 tempo
4x 10 rockstar jumps
3x 30 sec mountain climbers
2x 10 single leg tuck jumps (each side)

No tempo
4x 60 sec sec plank
2x 25 neg crunches
2x 15 straight arm twists
2x 10 quadruped (each side)
5 min cool down

This morning I am sitting in an airport on my way to Denver and I can't help reflecting on the early morning workout. I went for a run before the city woke up and opted for a route different than normal. Upon hitting the street I headed down past Boulevard Brewing Company, a local brewer with a phenomenal selection of incredible beers. The area around the brewery is packed full of Mexican restaurants with their lights off and warehouses that rest a few hours before their workers show up and wake the forklifts from their slumber. The streetlights line the deserted street and the city skyline illuminates the rest. As I was running, I was surprised by an overpowering scent of jasmine and lilac from some landscaping above a graffiti mural along the road. Admittedly I despise running but for a moment this morning I was in pure bliss with my lungs opened up and a sweet smell in my nostrils. It was both a strange juxtaposition in an urban setting and a slice of heaven at the same time. Now I have to board and then get to work but I hope Monday is a good one for you.



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