24 May, 2011

Change Of Plans

Yesterday plans changed quickly and quite drastically. I was headed for Denver and ended up in New Orleans. 85 degrees and sunny is hard to argue with and the local flavor is out in droves so whatever. Work will have to wait for another trip,especially since there is something to be said for being shipwrecked. last night I was in a bar with as many dogs on the bar stools as there were human patrons as well as a man with pink hair, a three point hat, and no shirt who referred to himself as a pirate who ran aground. A bit bizarre to say the least. The two points I make today are these: 1. You never know what you will see if you take the time to look and 2. Flexibility in all areas of life can be beneficial if you don't want to lose your mind. Speaking of flexibility, don't forget to stretch before you get 30 min of consistent, moderate cardio in today. If you happen to find yourself in the garden district of NOLA, I strongly recommend grabbing some oysters at Cochon.



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