05 May, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo

This has absolutely nothing to do with a Mexican holiday but it's whats on my mind so whatever. Recently I have been watching a lot more skating and have found it interesting all of the different skating styles that you come across. Jammers, blockers, even refs all have a style all their own. The part that intrigues me the most is the amount of individuality that comes with each stride of a skater. Some have long, drawn out lines while others have a more choppy stride, but each is just a little different from the next. Here is simply my humble theory on the matter. I believe that each skater has a natural stride that is entirely and uniquely individual, a stride that you were born with and makes you feel completely at home while on skates. Romanticized, this is the idea that it is your expression of your truest self, your zone and potentially your zen. For the record, this applies to a lot more than just the track. The concept transcends into the rest of your life as well. Today as you are doing 30 min of light cardio see if you can find this stride and keep it for the rest of the week!



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