17 May, 2011

Hard To Find

The workout for the day is cardio, preferably 20 min of interval training (3min moderate intensity, 2 min high intensity). Anything over the 20 minutes is considered extra credit and for some of you may feel necessary to get a good sweat broken. I have to be honest, right now cardio is the furthest thing from my mind. I am however swimming in thoughts of scheduling clients, cracking diets, finding pressure points to motivate, and keeping track of all of the congratulations necessary upon successes hard won. All of these seem, as I list them anyway, to be somewhat noble aims as well as in the best interest of those that I care about. Why then, I wonder, is it so difficult to feel as though I am in touch with reality and the people I deal with each day? I say this because yesterday I heard some bad news, a great misfortune to an acquaintance, and was left laughing and joking harshly on the matter. Some of that, I guess, is my semi-dark sense of humor coupled with the fact that I am blunt enough to make a spoon seem a dagger. Whatever the exact reason I was a little unnerved by my reaction and the succeeding thoughts. Somewhere along the way in the busyness of the weeks compiling atop each other I seem to have misplaced my heart a bit. The difficulty is that hearts are typically not wherever you lost them and their condition tends to deteriorate quickly when not attended to. The heart of a matter is most times elusive at best and requires constant checking upon in order to maintain and grow. For the record I have no aim in all of this rambling other than to deconstruct my head a bit, a caveat offered a bit to late for you who is reading I fear. my only encouragement is that you take the time today to engage yourself to those around you, to bear your heart a bit and get to know your friends, family's and teammates mettle at the same time. Hope the day is great!


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