19 May, 2011

Sorry To Disappoint

Cardio for today. get a good stretch in and the go for 30 min of good consistent movement at a moderate pace. When I say moderate pace I mean one that will raise your heart rate and respiration (breathing) above normal, but not through the roof. The easiest way to tell this is to try to talk while you are moving. If you can rattle off a paragraph without taking a breath, you are not working hard enough. If, however, you can't get a single word in without gasping, you are working too hard. This is one of those workouts where we are just making our bones. Let me tell you a little secret about fitness in general. There is no one secret, no magic pill, no shrine or stone to kiss for instant results. If you are a beginner (less than 1 year of daily activity) or a veteran (multiple years of fitness pursuit), there will be days that you just don't want t go and do anything. I experience those days to and I don't always make the right choice either. Even though these days happen, you should know that you will pay a price for bad decisions and time off. One of the common myths I hear about is the concept of muscle memory. Muscle memory does exist but it doesn't work quite the way that we would all hope it does. Some people are of the belief that if you have a consistent routine for a period of time and then break that routine for a matter of weeks/months/years, your muscles will come back to where they were nearly overnight because they have their own internal memory. I am sorry to tell you, this is false propaganda. The truth is that while your body may still be able to go through the movements and have some strength retained, this is more habit than memory. If you break your routine (and I don't mean rest because your body needs it. That is something entirely different) you will begin to lose your level of fitness and have to struggle some to get back to where you left off. Your body is either improving or deteriorating all of the time, even when you are in a so-called maintenance phase. Your body is never truly standing still.

While I am on the subject of news that may disappoint you, keep in mind that this is work. There is some degree of pain involved, whether it is sore muscles or the feeling of hunger when you begin improving your calorie intake. Achieving your desired fitness level can be a daily struggle but it is one that is certainly worth fighting. Today is just another step toward a notch in the belt, another day of punching the clock and paying the dues for success. Enjoy it the best you can!


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