03 May, 2011


Sweat is a natural byproduct of physical exertion. It is also a very good indicator of the health and condition of your body, not to mention a phenomenal aid in exfoliation. I know, crazy big words for it's good for your skin. Here is the breakdown. If you are sweating profusely with little actual exertion, you may not have enough electrolytes (good sodium) in your body or you may be over hydrated. Some of this will vary with individual body chemistry, but generally more sweat is the best case scenario. If you don't sweat at all your body may be overheating, under-hydrated, or you may have a diet that is way to salt intensive. There are the facts, now why does this matter? The reason that this is important info to pay attention to is that your body is roughly 75 percent water. How much of this water you lose through your skin by sweating will go a long way in determining both performance and weight management. Finding the balance in your individual body chemistry will help you be at you very best all of the time. As a general rule, most of us do not drink enough water or break a good sweat often enough so today we are going to address that with cardio. 60 min is the goal and I would recommend doing at least some of it on a row machine or in a kayak if you have one. If you do have a kayak, don't forget to put it in the water before you begin. I'm just saying!



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