15 June, 2011

Jump Right In

5 min. warm up
4-2-1 tempo
5x 5 push up to row
5x 5 lateral raise
5x 5 back fly
5x 5 single leg hops for distance
2x 10 plank crunches
2x 10 butterfly crunches
2x 25 straight arm twists
2x 10 stab. ball bridges
5 min cool down

This has been another crazy week, something that has become normal for most of us quite honestly. In a conversation yesterday a young woman complained to me about having to work a full time job and then do more work at home. She was more than a little offended when I was unable to control my laughter at the ridiculousness of her statement. When she asked me what was so funny I just laughed harder, only exasperating the situation. Shaking her head in disgust she stated that i must not understand her problem at all and she was exactly right. I don't recall a time where my own schedule was that sweet, a week where I only worked forty hours and did nothing else. For the past three years I have been working with women who play roller derby, all of which have more than enough on their plates to begin with. The funny part is I don't recall a conversation with one of these women where they were simply complaining about not having enough time. Most of these women excel in their athletic, personal, and professional lives in a sport that to play effectively requires quite a commitment of time in addition to the rest of their lives. The difference between the woman I had a conversation with and my derby girls is both clear and remarkable. Derby girls just jump right in after whatever it is that they want to pursue. I know these are broad strokes to paint with and that there are exceptions to everything but this has been my general finding. Not to mention roller derby has a way of sifting out the players from the pretenders quickly. All that said, let's make some progress today!


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