29 June, 2011


I have started this entry a multitude of times this morning to little avail. I have many different ideas running through my head, none of which seem to have any intention of materializing into an intelligent thought. As I rap at these keys, not actually knowing how to type properly, I am realizing that what I am experiencing is probably some form of writers block. While I am rather unfamiliar with writers block when actually attempting to write, I will guess that I is not much different from what I experience in my more professional capacity as over training. The easiest way to describe the concept of over training is to compare it to the law of diminishing returns. This is the concept that there is a point where the effort that you put forth toward accomplishing something is no longer helpful but rather is impeding your progress to the goal. This is something that most athletes experience at some point in their career. It's like, if one hour of practice is good, then two must be better and four hours must be best. The truth is that four hours of practice, day in and day out, doesn't give your body enough time to recover and actually makes you more prone to injury. For those of us with semi-obsessive personalities, this is not an easy concept to wrap our heads around. That probably explains why this has taken me an hour to write down, in questionable grammar nonetheless, when someone who knows how to write and type could probably rattle this off in five minutes. It is all a matter of perspective and most of the time we cannot rely solely on our own perspective. That is why I am writing, to help give some sound exercise advice that will help you progress. Here is a workout to carry you through Wednesday!

5 min. warm up
4-2-1 tempo
5x 5 stab ball chest press
5x 5 front raise
5x 5 overhead press
5x 25 meters of lunges

2-0-2 tempo
10x 5 sec ab presses
2x 10 negative crunches
2x 25 straight arm twists
2x 10 single leg floor bridges
5 min cool down

Enjoy !


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