30 June, 2011


So here is the deal. Every now and then your body needs a major shock. This workout is that shock and is not intended to be a day to day thing. Yesterdays lecture on over training still stands, but today it will seem like it won't apply. One quick caveat; this workout will tend to make you a little queasy as you push your limits and it will require some recovery. The biggest key to it's proper completion is as little rest as possible. That means that there should not be a minute where your body is not in motion. Without further adieu...

5 min warm up
4x 50 meters skipping for height
4x 50 meters skipping for distance
4x 100 meter sprints with 20 jumping jacks between them
4x 200 meter sprints with 20 burpees between them.
4x 400 meter sprints with 30 sec planks between them
15 min. moderate jog
2x 25 reg crunches
5 min cool down

Good luck!


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