21 June, 2011


Have you ever had a staring contest with a computer screen? For the past few days I have been exhausted, which is how I spend a good portion of my life with my most valued expertise being in biting off more than I can chew. Work has been nuts, schedules crazy, and the whole time I have known that I needed to write. Truthfully, sitting down and writing is probably more beneficial to me than to anyone who has to read my ranting and belaboring of ideals mixed with sarcasm and a hint of disillusionment. In the end, no matter how hard I try not to be, I am affected by the stories of the people that I attempt to help each day. With my clients I share some victories that are as sweet as honey and troubles that are bitter to no end. I try not to let this bleed into my mood too much but at some point it takes it's toll. You see, the journey toward achieving a level of fitness in life is much more than a few push ups and some crunches. Sets and reps don't come close to describing what is actually taking place. Fitness, by definition, is the extent to which an organism is adapted to or able to produce. For most people a poor physical fitness is simply the symptom of an inability to adapt in many other areas of their lives meaning that in order for me to be effective as a trainer I need to understand the root of the problem. If we don't fix that even our best progress will only be short lived. Writing this blog helps me understand and verbalize a lot of the purpose behind why I continue to do what I do but sometimes you get tired and feel like there is nothing left to offer. This is, of course, a trick of the mind to keep you from experiencing the pain that is often associated with growth and it manifests itself as procrastination. I have stared down this screen through tired eyes for nearly a year now, some days I win others I lose, but today the day is mine. An entry is made, a workout produced, and the opportunity for growth again offered. Now we just have to decide what to do with it.



5 min. warm up
4-2-1 tempo
5x 5 push up with rotation
5x 5 front raise
5x 5 bent row
5x 5 single leg squat jumps (each leg)

2-0-2 tempo
2x 10 ball crunches
2x 10 negative crunches
2x 25 straight arm twists
2x 10 stab. ball bridges
5 min cool down

P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting my recent pseudo-interview with Extremely Frank. Trust me you don't want to miss this!

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