19 July, 2011


I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine's father, an older gentleman at the point in life where he is reflecting back on the good and bad things he has experienced. "I wish that I had realized that there aren't actually projects in life" he told me. I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by this, especially since I have five or six projects going on at all times and am constantly taking on more. "No projects?" I asked. "None" he replied. "There are only extensions of your life, ways in which you express who you are, maybe different, maybe typical, always the same life." This thought blew my mind for a bit. I'm talking, left my brains under the coffee table. In the end I have decided that I agree. Looking at the roller girls I admire the most, their persona on the track is simply an extension of their everyday lives. Roller derby, not unlike anything else we do, is only another sentence in the way that we define ourselves. Whether we can conceptualize this and live authentically is another matter entirely. If you are finding some difficulty in balancing all of the projects in life, as I have been for some time, try re-framing your mindset with this mentality. I am beginning to realize that this may be the key to maximizing our efforts and maintaining enjoyment in the whole of life. Just a though.

5 min warm up
2-0-2 tempo
3x 10 wide grip push ups
3x 10 inverted rows
3x 10 single leg straight leg deadlifts
3x 10 step up to overhead press

2x 25 negative crunches
4x 15 sec ab presses
2x 30 sec. planks on ball
30 sec mountain climbers
5 min cool down

By the way, if you don't have access to a fully equipped gym their is no need for one with these workouts. For instance you can use your skates or a bag of books to complete the squat to overhead press. Make this as simple as possible and I will do the same!

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