14 July, 2011


The women's World Cup is going on right now and it has been an exciting series of matches. Many if the games have been close, some being decided by a last minute goal that seemed unlikely to happen. What is it that makes the difference in games that comes down to the wire? Soccer commonly refers to it as composure. This means the ability to set aside fatigue as well as emotion in order to get the task at hand done. You may still have butterflies in your stomach but they are flying in formation and are prepared to attack. Much of this is a mental discipline that is reached by training for a variety of different situations so that you are prepared when they occur. While I cannot go through all of the potential situations in a game of roller derby, or for that matter life, I can tell you that if you have a body that is not going to physically breakdown it is easier to maintain composure when the pressure is on. That is the focus of the workout today, pushing your body to a new threshold and recovering quickly. Without further adieu...

5 min warm up
15 min moderate cardio (enough to break a good sweat and maximize circulation)
4x 100 meter sprints (30 sec rest in between)
2x 200 meter sprints (45 sec rest in between)
2x 400 meter sprints (60 sec rest in between )
2x 10 burpee pushups
2x 30 sec mountain climbers
2x 60 sec planks
5 min cool down

Remember to stay hydrated and Enjoy!


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