21 July, 2011

So It's Hot

This morning started with a fury and has not let up throughout the rest the day. You ever have one of those days when you just already know that things are not going to go the way you want them to? With temperatures approaching 100 degrees my car decided overheat as I was giving someone a ride to their own car. Standing stranded on the side of the road I realized that I had two choices. I could be upset and frustrated, as my passenger was, or I could see it as an adventure for the day. How can being stranded on the side of the road being adventure you ask? It's pretty simple actually. Think about it as an opportunity to cleanse your pores by sweating out all of the excess water weight that could possibly be in your body. You never know the kind of people you meet along the way looking your absolute worst, kind of like a wet dog it's been drowned in his own sweat. After making arrangements for the woman with me to get to her own car, I set out walking to find somewhere to get some car parts and try to get myself back on the road. You would not believe how liberating it is to be able to walk into a place and smile even when you look your worst and things are going so well. The point of all this fucking rambling is that sometimes you have to make your own way no matter what cards the day hands you. Here is the workout!

5 min warm up
2-0-2 tempo
3x 10 narrow grip push ups
3x 10 bent rows
3x 10 tuck jumps
3x 10 lunge to overhead press

2x 25 reg. crunches
4x 15 sec ab presses
2x 30 sec. planks on ball
5 min cool down

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