22 July, 2011


One of the most difficult things that we as human beings have to face is the proposition of growth. I believe that this is because by nature we are creatures of habit, even those of us that embrace change the best. The only thing that may be more difficult for us to do is to allow other people the space that they need to grow without holding it against them and being personally offended when they are not at the same place or pace that we are. For me, this means resisting the urge to kill someone who believes that they are the only human in the world to deny natural scientific law and are to hold to one shred of self-discipline. The only reason that I have not started a mass genocide of mostly retarded clients is because I have been blessed in my life to have people that let me be a moron until I learned that, though I am completely one of a kind, I am seldom original. I am not the first one to believe that I am always right, to be this arrogant/stubborn, and for that matter to be wrong more than my fair share only to ignore my err and proceed as if nothing had happened. If I had had to deal with me as a third party I would have died young. The point of all of this is that as you look at a team you are talking about organizing (sometimes loosely) and uniting a group of people with different individual experiences, at different points in their own growth processes, around a common cause or goal. Some would say that takes a lot of patience but I don't have much of that so instead I recommend a healthy berth of space. Trust me, it makes things a lot easier to tolerate as you meet people that have a very different understanding of life than yours. Now forget all of this and go get some cardio done!

5 min warm up
6x 50 meter sprints (100% capacity)
45 min moderate cardio activity (60- 65% of max)
4x 60 sec planks
4x 30 sec V-sits
2x 25 side swishies(each side)
5 min cool down



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