18 August, 2011


Lets say that you find yourself in an elevator and you are singing "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama at the top of your lungs. As you hold your own private dance party in your mobile sound booth, you suddenly realize that the doors have opened and all twenty eyes of the people waiting to get into the elevator are now on you. This is an awkward situation for certain!(Not that I would know personally) Now imagine that your body has to deal with this every day. Essentially, your body has to try to arrange order and reason back to a plethora of cells that are well out of line. When we exercise it forces our body to repair tiny tears and other chaos that we incur during the activity. During the process of repair our bodies actually overcompensate a little so that they don't have to repair the same tears over and over, causing us to gain strength. The issue that we run into is when we don't allow our bodies to rest enough and thus are continually interrupting the repair cycle and making things more awkward for our bodies than is necessary. The Point: Take Time To Rest Occasionally ( like once or twice a week). I understand that when dealing with derby girls that aforementioned statement is about as effective as pissing in the wind but nonetheless it must be said. Now have a great day and I will talk with you tomorrow!


5 min warm up
20 min interval training ( 2 min at 80 %, 3 min at 60%)
4x 30 sec planks
5 min cool down

Notes: keep in mind that this can be any movement, not just running. I will be on a bike personally but rowing, jumping rope, swimming, or any other aerobic motion is fine as well.

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