10 August, 2011

This One Is A Little Nasty

In order to maximize results for the effort that we are putting forth in training we are stepping things up pretty extensively. There are no two ways about it, this one will have your heart rate through the roof and your muscles screaming. The only good news is that it will be the most difficult workout for the week. The tempo is x-x-x meaning that there is now pausing for rest or isometric stabilization with the muscles. Fluidity of motion is absolutely key here and will make all the difference in the long run. Most of the exercises have explanations either on the blog or the facebook page. If you have any questions let me know. I will warn you that this is not a beginner level workout. Have a great day!


5 min warm up
3x 10 pushups
3x 20 chest passes with med ball
3x 10 lunge to overhead presses
3x 20 rockstar scissor kicks
3x 10 straight leg deadlifts
3x 20 single leg squat jumps
3x 10 back flys
3x 20 lawn mower pulls
2x 25 stab ball crunches
2x 20 floor bridges
5 min cool down

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