11 August, 2011

Mixin It Up

On a day like today, after a relatively difficult workout, cardio is the best way to continue your progress without over-stressing your muscles. The problem is that in a sport like roller derby, pure cardio will only take you so far. The way derby has evolved into a dynamic and multi-dimensional sport means that just being able to skate every jam is no longer enough. you also have to be able to sprint, stop on a dime, move laterally, and knock another girls fillings out. That is why the workout will be a mix of many different motions today.



10 min warm up
20 min. intervals (3 min at 80%, 2 min at 60 %)
4x 50 meter hills
50 speed skaters
2x 20 soccer throws
2x 10 wood chops (each side)
4x 90 sec planks
2x 25 hip ups
5 min cool down

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