22 September, 2011

Get Over Yourself And Other Pieces Of Advice

Every now and then it is necessary to stop relying on our own infinite wisdom and take some advice from someone else. It5 has been my personal experience that roller girls can be excellent sources of advice that is mostly worth following. The following are my observations and pearls of wisdom that have been given to me by women on roller skates. Here are a few things that I have picked up along the way while spending time with my favorite roller girls!

1: Everything is easier to handle as a team- having a group of people at your side that you can trust and are working toward a common goal makes everything a lot more manageable. No matter how difficult an issue can be or, for that matter, how amazing, a team can make it better.

2: Communication is key- being able to express yourself in whatever means you need to is vital as is being able to listen to someone else in there self expression. doing this effectively and remaining open to what anyone has to say no matter how you feel about it helps.

3: Forgive- sometimes we all fuck up. The important thing is to move past an issue by taking responsibility for your part and forgiving whomever needs it. More often than not this means being able to forgive ourselves for both our action and reactions to a situation. This isn't always easy but it certainly makes life run smoother.

4: Know when to step up and when to step back- there will be times that your team, as well as yourself, will need you to step up and offer your best performance. Be ready to do that. There are also times when no matter how bad you wish you perform at your best, you are not the best option for the team. recognize this, step aside, and rally behind whoever is doing the best job for the team. Self sacrifice is not easy but it can help you grow as a human and aa player exponentially.

5: Get over yourself- We all have ego's and at times they can get out of control. Ego can present itself in a number of ways but almost always leads back to some sort of insecurity and when left unchecked can cause any number of obsessive behaviors that will leave us weaker than we were initially. I know this because I tend to be one of the most arrogant bastards you could ever meet. Thank God that I am surrounded by people with different strengths and perspectives that are not afraid to put me in check. Recently I had a conversation with a friend when I was on the verge of driving myself and everyone around me crazy. She listened patiently, cut through my bull shit and told me to get over myself. She let me know that I wasn't special in the fact that I had problems and less than desirable circumstances happen in life and it was time to stop focusing on them and move on. It was a tough conversation but one that needed to be had and she wasn't afraid to tell me the truth.

6: Find people who will tell you the truth whether it is what you want to hear or not- The people you surround yourself with will have a dramatic influence on your outcomes. Make sure that you are spending time with people whose respect you wish to have and who can help you to grow.

7: Don't worry about who gets the credit- It is amazing what can be accomplished when you don't care who gets the credit. This is the essence of being a player on a great team, one where the team is always paramount to any one individual or their contribution. This is the best way I have observed to get to where you really will want to be.

Now let's go to work!

5 min warm up
2x 10 push ups (wide grip)
2x 20 burpees
2x 10 lunge to overhead press (each leg)
2x 20 rockstar jump kicks
2x Set of 21's (7 front raises, 7 lateral raises, 7 overhead raises or delt flys)
2x 20 med. ball soccer throws
2x 10 inverted rows
2x 20 lawn mower pulls
2x 25 straight arm twists
2x 25 side swishies
2x 25 floor bridges
5 min cool down

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