17 October, 2011

Long Enough

Sitting here and deconstructing my own thoughts is not such an easy task. This weekend has been one of the more horrific missteps of irony I have ever seen and it has me thinking. So often I dance around a thought or an idea, but leave it out there just in case something should change. It has been long enough for that and the fact of the matter is that I am not going to change who I am on a fundamental level. Of course I believe that we can improve but typically I would say that it comes down to us being able to express our true selves effectively, not changing them. For the past month or so I have seemed to have forgotten this, to have given into playing the game that is constantly at our door. The game comes with drama and excitement but never leaves us feeling complete but rather gets us further addicted to hiding our thoughts and feelings rather than just expressing them. Quite honestly, I have had enough. Maybe it is time for us as people to just stand on the edge, eyes slammed shut and jump. No I am not recommending suicide whatsoever. I am talking about living. Living in the way that we just stop caring about how anyone will perceive us and let ourselves open up to the world. I mean living a life that thrills and excites us to no end because it is us at our finest, living what we believe and making no apologies. Who told us that we had to dance around the bullshit anyway? If this makes no sense at all then I am sorry but it helped me to get it out. Feel free to enjoy the workout and have a good week!


5 min warm up
2x 10 dive bomb pushups
2x 10 single leg step up to overhead press
2x 10 inverted rows
2x 10 squat jumps
2x 25 neg crunches
2x 25 side swishies
5 min cool down

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