21 November, 2011


This one is going to read like a bullet so I figured that I'd warn you up front. I received a text the other day from a close friend of mine telling me that they had just been honored at a large function for being the "most valuable to the team". While this came as no surprise to me at all, I was shocked at my friends response. "I still have so much to learn. I am not even close to being as good as I could be. I have work to do..." My favorite part of this is the fact that it was all real. My friend wouldn't bother with false humility or any other manner of bull shit. This is what makes people of this nature who they are. Now as much as I love to brag about being friends with awesome people, today I am a little more concerned with those of us that should be awesome but are not meeting our potential. I remember when I played my last game, when I realized I was done with athletics as a career, and how much that hurt to leave the field. I also remember, being the arrogant bastard that I am, thinking that my team would probably not play nearly as well without me and the sport of soccer may come to a screeching halt with my absence. Neither of these came to be true whatsoever. I remember being a little depressed at the lack of anyone giving a damn that I was gone when an old coach called me up and met me for a cup of coffee. "Your problem is that you believe that you are something special" he told me. I was looking at him wondering why he had called me knowing that I was a little down already and decided to go with this line of conversation. " The truth is that you were not. You were an average player, one that at times brought more than was necessary to the team and at other times only did your part. Some people believe that when they leave something whatever it may be comes to an end but the truth is that is a childish way to look at the world much as believing that the world disappears when you close your eyes is." At the time I didn't understand and for that matter wasn't really interested in hearing anymore, but like every good coach I know, that didn't stop him in the least. "The truth is life moves on. Even the best players in the world are only missed. If you quit your job the company doesn't go under and if you have a bad day it doesn't mean that I will smile any less. You have two options with what you can do with this information. You can ignore it and go on pissing your life away or you can stop acting like mediocre idiot and do something that will be worth paying attention to. Remember, you were born as an individual, not as someone special. What makes you special is what you do with your life so go fucking do something!"he said and he walked away. Conversations like that have a tendency to stick with a person and that one certainly did for me. I can't tell you that every day since then I have been the most amazing human being to breath oxygen but I have had those words in the back of my mind and they do still influence the decisions I make. Today you get to choose whether or not you will work out and improve yourself. I would recommend it strongly as I am always in the market for more friends that are pushing the envelope and showing just how awesome they can be,


5 min warm up
3x 12 chest press on stab ball
3x 12 front raises
3x 12 step up with db
3x 12 inverted rows
2x 25 side swishies
4x 30 sec planks
2x 10 plank crunches on stab ball
2x 25 reg crunches
5 min cool down

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