15 November, 2011


With the tournament season officially over and one of the smallest off seasons known to sport, now is a great time to take a little break from roller derby. Like that actually makes any fucking sense given the audience I am writing to. Rather than carry on about how the body needs time away to rest (and I do mean completely rest), I think I'll save my energy. After all, this sport and it's competitors are rabid and there is nothing you can do for rabies but to let it take it's foaming at the mouth, out for blood course. This is, of course, why I love you all and I am sure that many of you are back to wortking on next season (that is if you took a break at all). The toughest part of the off season, even when you love what you do, is that with a lack of organized practice and training structure it is easy to fall into bad habits. My personal favorite was always copious amounts of alcohol but I never waited for an off season to begin that. Holidays are coming up, weather is turning less desirable, and most of your teams are taking a short breather. Solution? Get in the best shape of your life and stay hell bent on maintaining it. Or relax and heal for a week or two. It's really up to you as i won't be disappointed with either choice.


5 min. warmup
2x 100 meters skipping for distance
2x 25 meters karaoke step(each side)
2x 25 squat jumps
2x 25 squat thrusts (burpees)
3x 10 push ups
3x 10 inverted rows
2x 25 lunge to overhead presses (each leg)
4x 30 sec. planks
4x 30 sec V sits(seated pike pos.)
2x 25 straight leg crunches
2x 25 side swishies
5 min. cool down

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